Organic Turmeric Chai

Chaitanya Chai brings you a simple, elegant and sweet turmeric chai that’s naturally caffeine-free. Handcrafted, original chai brewed in Australia.


All our chai products are safe for those avoiding caffeine.


Small batches of certified organic ingredients that we source personally.


Our principle of ahimsa ensures all our products are vegan.

Nice To Meet You

Namaste and welcome to Chaitanya Chai, I’m so glad you’ve taken a moment to stop by! My name’s Amara, and I started my little chai company with the intent of providing a delicious and nutritious tea that would soothe the soul and nourish the body. I believe in nurturing yourself and your loved ones, and what’s better than simply taking a moment and sharing a cup of chai together. As a Remedial Therapist and holistic Ayurvedic Wellness Coach I aim to bring people closer together in a positive and healthy way.

Community Vibe

I developed this particular chai so I no longer had to be concerned when gathering with friends and family about what was in our beverage. Not worrying about caffeine and pesticides, and knowing that it was safe for everyone was really important to me. So after a lot of experimentation and feedback from my friends and family, I eventually found the perfect blend everyone loved! I believe in sourcing the very best organically grown ingredients, supporting farmers around the world. I deliver my turmeric chai with a commitment to sustainable, fair and ethical business practices that conscious consumers will appreciate.

Being Authentic & Courageous

I am dedicated to bringing positive change to the world, I believe that everybody is entitled to becoming the best version of themselves. I believe in authenticity, and courageously searching out one’s true self. When you know who you really are beyond external labels, life brings peace and joy. I love sharing my chai, and I hope you can share its goodness with your friends as I do with mine.

With love,




We source our spices and tea from quality producers around the world. Our goal was to ensure that the ingredients are delicious on their own. That way, when we combine them they become amazing.

Vanilla Rooibos

Vanilla Rooibos

A special kind of caffeine-free tea grown in Africa.



A rich and golden turmeric that brings vibrancy and sunshine.



A subtle flavour from pods, not powder.



Hand-harvested bark from healthy young trees.


Star Anise

Known as chakri phool in Hindi and grown in India.



A medicinal spice that adds spiciness and depth.



Hand-harvested dried pieces of ginger for warmth and aroma.



Sweet peppercorns that give instant zing.



We give every chai batch our love and offer it with devotion.

Where to Buy


We’re stocked by a variety of stores including cafes, delis and coffee shops. We also sell online via Organic Turmeric. If you can’t find somewhere below that suits you, contact us and we’ll send some directly to you.

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Whether you are a customer, a business partner or you just want to chat about chai, we’d love to hear from you! Our details are below, if you couldn’t reach us please leave a phone number and the best time to give you a call.

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